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Hi! I'm Jocelyn Diebolt, a Chicago-based freelance graphic designer specializing in branding, logo design, and print graphics. I also enjoy exploring the worlds of photography, video-editing, and social media. I am a problem-solver by nature, and I will not give up on finding the perfect solution. I am extremely detail-oriented, quick to learn, and constantly curious. Please click here if you are interested in working with me and we can get a connected!



Even since I can remember, my brain has always worked in creative-mode. I just can't shut it off. Sometimes consciously, and other times without even realizing, I'm always looking for new outlets to use my creativity. It may be expressed though design work, photography, cooking, DIY-ing, or something new entirely. I am so lucky that I get to channel my creativity in the work that I do. Along with other artists and activists, I am also incredibly inspired by my beautiful city of Chicago. Stay tuned to see what I come up with next!




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